Jul 30, 2013

Plants are not fixed to the rock surface. Their roots are amid the decomposed fallen leaves.
Now have in mind how difficult it is to a seed germinate here and once germinated  to develop into a grown up plant. a new seedling is a rare event here, almost a miracle.
the fallen leaves that provide food for the plants also prevent the seed germination and the development of a most improbable seedling.


You never see a delicata lateral sprout!!!!
When you think it is one of them, a lateral sprout, you inspect closer and notice is a seedling.
Delicatas do not sprout  laterally!

These plants are within the forest and under the canopy of leaves. Sun reaches Dyckias after being filtered.
Trees are not that  strong as the soil is nonexistent here and they also rely on the  decomposing debris they produce.

This picture allows you to have a fine idea of a delicata habitat.
The plants  on the top right corner of the picture are getting sun.

A small plant, a miracle!

 See,even dead fallen branches are seen  amid Dyckias.
They will be transformed into food to them.


I do like this picture here above. It is very doubt clearing.


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