Jul 29, 2013

This is Tomba Bodes Hill.
Notice the creek and the color of the water due to the slate decomposition.
These rocks are all slate.
Can you see the Araucaria pine trees?
This was a bright  sunshine afternoon
 Dyckias are seen as green ones growing from the bottom of the hill almost to the top.
These are all vertical walls.
Now guess what? Dyckia delicatas are there too!
This hill is just side by side to the delicatas (type) hill.
This one  just a talented alpinist can climb.
Her we saw Dyckia delicata aurea.
Aurea is a smaller delicata, a light green gold and silver scurfed beauty.
It was a surprise to see some there.


The hill, the tall spiny vegetation, the creek all added to the challenge of getting closer....

This is what we see from the distance. I used no photographic trick in here.
Every thing here is just as we see  using only our bare naked eyes.
We can spot Dyckias if we are not used to them in nature .
They are there and a trained eye can see them there on the vertical walls and on some steepy and acclivitous rocky walls

Young Brazilian pine trees.
This morning  there was a frost layer on the fields here.

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