Sep 13, 2009

Hybrids! Young seedlings.
Dyckia brevifolia flowers and Dyckia fosteriana pollen.
Do not go on thinking the resulting batch is an army of plants bearing the very same looks. They may be but usually they have a variety array of looks and this doesn´t matter the parents being absolutely true species nor collected plants.

The idea that the same used species guaranties the very same results all the time is false and absolutely erroneous.

Dyckias do have many many faces and masks. They are the greatest challenge to taxonomists. They demand culturing before coming into certain conclusions and Dyckias need to be seen in their habitat in order to be well classified and described properly. These visits may not occur once but in different occasions: during diverse seasons, blooming and so on.

Here we have plants that will only show their final looks after blooming.

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