Sep 29, 2009

Dyckia Tootsy Aka "Wolfgang"

Dyckia Tootsy Aka "Wolfgang"

It just got from The Land of Honey and Milk, California,
and already feels at easy here. I hardly can wait to see it happy again.

" I left my heart in San Francisco. High on a hill it calls to me...."
" 99 miles from LA. I love u..."
Here we sing: many thousand miles from LA.... I miss u...

Hybrids trill me, amaze me, captivate me in many ways.
Yes my garden I suppose has more Dyckia species than any but
we can make them better looking and more adaptable plants.
I always say to those who don´t see this as a good thing:
We are alive and at plenty on Earth for the hybrids we created.
If we ought to rely on the ancient pure strain corn, rice, soy, wheat we would be starving to death by the billions. If we had hybrid cacti and hybrid orchids and hybrid bromeliads sooner than we did many, many pure strains would still be in peace in their native habitat.
Hybrids tend to be prettier, adaptable, disposable, cheaper.
It happened to our orchids, our cacti, our bromeliads and will happen with Dyckias.
People want the beautiful and the disposable. Today the orchids are bought at bloom perfect and so cheap they are discharged after blooming to be substituted by an even more beautiful and even more cheaper one. This is happening everywhere on Earth.
Industry! Today we listen the words Flower Industry. It creates work wages, feeds millions around the world, generates billions of US Dollars and turn the world a lot prettier.
Pure strains is for specialized Public Gardens and Natural Reserves.
Our Public Botanic Gardens are much too similar to the old ZOO. A bit of everything.
This is about to change. Specialized Botanic Gardens is yet beginning to appear here and there.
Those monsters will be seen under different eyes soon.
Always the best lies on Future! The best lies ahead...

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