Sep 15, 2009

Dyckia trichosthachia

Dyckia trichosthachia
This is an old named one. Rare creature.

Rare indeed and capinzenta for sure
This is a sole green plant without a trace of anything else.
The other color refers to the death old leaves.
Clumps madly and flowers nicely.
The yellow bloom contrasts among the foliage of this genuine capinzenta.
Capinzenta is a Portuguese term for something that looks like grass something like grassy like.
Capinzenta is a sole green shapeless Dyckia that is hard to be distinguished from a true grass out of its blooming season. This is for sure one of those. But for those who enjoy the new this is a full dish. Here it is about blooming again.
As this baby clones like crazy there is no need for pure strain seeds as the pure strains well assured by the clones this time some flowers will get alien Pollen.

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