Sep 16, 2009

Dyckia spendens (sugested name)

...humm from where else could this be?
Santa Catarina, of course...
Can you keep a secret? Humm... I will trust on you this secret:

Lord Almighty, God or whoever it might be got bored just after making the
Eden´s Garden and decided to take a brake.
Still carrying part of the big paraphernalia He or She the Great Gardener
took a big decision:
To go on holidays in Rio, Rio de Janeiro.
The samba and the sun, the beaches and the mulatas dancing the samba.
That was quite too much and before facing reality the Greatest Gardener decided to go South
down to Buenos Aires where Tango dancers were at least dressed on a descent outfit.
Well in His way South and thinking of the Mulatas all dressed with something like a strand of anything.... The Gardner lost balance and the finest plants fell from His big basked.
Our Gardener was so lost on His thinkings He di not even realized the loosing...
The plants fell on Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. Among the fallen Dyckias are :
Dyckia fosteriana,
Dyckia gloriosa,
Dyckia splendens,
Dyckia brevifolia,
Dyckia reitzii,
Dyckia hebdingii and many many more unnamed ones.
Fact is when The greatest Gardener reached the Argentinian Pampas just a few were left and he decided to empty the basket right there and Dyckia floribunda and ferox are there uo today...
This is a true history and a secret to be kept...
Now you know why we have so many Dream Dyckias in South.
Do not go on spreading this all around, ok?

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