Sep 20, 2009

The classic Dyckia species and the new ones....

The old classic Dyckia species are all at easy reach.
Fosterianas, brevifolias, maniers, encholirioides, chorestamineas, dawsonii and the other old knew ones. Some come from remote areas but nothing that is too far aways from a road or a short walk from a car.
Now look at this mountains here.
This one above is Pico da Tromba view from my garden in Joinville, Santa Catarina,
Look at it! Please. There are Dyckias in there, up there!
Here you may see our beautiful Brazilian Flag. he green in it means our jungles and forests. The yelloy our gold and richnesses, the blue goes for our sky...
The mountain beyind is The imponent Jurapê with 1450 meters high.
There are Dyckias in there!

These mountains as many others are well covered with a luxuriant Rain Forest.
You climb all the way up to 1.200 meters high always without seeing the sky.
It takes 12 hours to reach the top.
There is no trail and you must do it on your own.
Also it is possible to see the tapirs our biggest mammal. They love to bath in the mountain creek the Cebolanas River. Where there are tapirs the jaguar is around...
Parrots, toucans, multicolored singing birds.
The scenery, the landscape is just for the fittest.
Do not get fooled here, to get up there one must be young a fit as a Spanish bull
also a lot more than just a little bit crazy... but...but...there are Dyckias up there.

The new Dyckias, the new found ones, the outrageously gorgeous new Dyckia species
come form such places...definitely not a task for the swollen beer bellied guys.
These new treasures are not for those who take pills on a daily basis.
A taxonomist, a Dyckia one classifier is something like a first class triathlonist Athlete, an ultra skilled gardener,
a hero something close to Hercules, no doubt.
There are other reasons for we do not come to know many, many new Dyckias but this
is the main one.
New Dyckias are so unreachable the Edelweiss ( Stela Alpina) is a task for the toothless
guys, the baby and the old.

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