Sep 24, 2009

Dyckia catharinesis a close Dyckia encholirioides relative

In fact the parentage with Dyckia encolirioides is so close Botany reconsidered it as not being
a Species and put it into the very same place as Dyckia encholirioides but at the very same time botany forgot it, ignored it. Simply that. ... and one more lustrous pearl was added to that collar. this plant is smaller than Dyckia encholirioides, the flowers are yellow and pale yellow, the spines are not curved nor arched to any direction. The plant has a peculiar characteristic: it beara a light silver coating all over it.
Dyckia catharinensis was classified long , long ago and it exists, look!
It is a rocky dweller in the half Southern part of Ilha de Santa Catarina, a big sea island where Florianópolis our State capital lays beautifully by the sea.

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