Sep 24, 2009

Dyckia leptostachia flowers on a Neophytum background

Color are getting back, it is Spring here!
Yes Brazil has Winters and they may be very boring indeed.
Also Winter here in the South may be cold. Nothing to make a White bear
happy but cold and grey enough to make us be willing to get
rid of it. Do not go on thinking Dyckias are happy in a Polar coldness. No way!
Some can stnd way deep cold temperatures for brief periods of time.
But remember here that Dysney cartoon. The wally Walygator in New York
City winter. Wally was always trying to get bach to Florida. " Oh that´s what life is. My sweet home! Warmmmmm... " Wally was ever home sick and desperately trying to get South.
A Dyckia would do the same if it was allowed to it. Remember and always remember
we do not want to keep survivors! We want happy Dyckias!
Do not let them freeze! Please!
Winter may be knocking at your door already.
Dyckias are Sun lovers to the extreme. and the temperature they appreciate the most is exactly that very same we all like it, maybe with a little plus.
Have you ever being to Rio, Rio de Janeiro?
You do not know what you are missing. The Wonderful City. The beaches, the sun, nature all around, the beautiful people, the blue skies in Rio. Have you ever hear the Brazilian song Garota de Ipanema? Now imagine a Polar bear in here.....wandering in Copacabana....
Get ready for the winter! Keep happy Dyckias.

I have friends in Germany! They are Dyckia lovers! You do not have the slightest idea of what they are capable of doing in order to keep the happiest Dyckias of all.
You should see to believe it.
Amazing to say the least. They do love Dyckias, indeed!

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