Sep 13, 2009

Building Dyckias with their own cement, no hybrids

Dyckia fosteriana small forms. These are not any hybrids nor any other form of cultivar but true genuine species that came up from collected seed in wilderness...

Once a guy asked me why do you sow so many seeds? This guy was a professor, an academic well know botanist and his students were all Doctors themselves. This asking was made after staying open mouthed around the garden.
My answer:

Doctor, I sow so much and sometimes more than that much in order to get things easy to nature. To facilitate, to step further in time.
I wanna have unusual plants, plants out from this plain faint world. In nature rarely one seedling appears, Dyckia thrives in very harsh micro enviroments so it takes centuries for something weird and also astonishing beautiful to appear.
In any any large population there must exist something different for the worst or the better and I have to have this large population first so I can pick up the best of the best, the cream of the cream, Doctor.
In other words I am advancing in time, I am getting now what could only come true in ages to come.
Doctor, this is not just selection this is bettering through selection.
I introduce no new gene, I make no hybridizing here, doctor. I use just the true pure strain species seeds.
Maybe Doctor, I wake up some sleepy gene here and there but they belong to the very same species. I do know what I am looking for amid this multitude of seedlings and that makes a huge difference: the knowing, the knowledge. This knowledge must exist and it only exists when without any prejudice. Remember Master, remember Galileo Galilee, OH my! That guy was tortured he had no prejudice. He said we were not the
Universe . We go around the Sun! The academism did not almost killed him not for his ideas but his findings. I guarantee his ideas were far more accurate than the Academic believes at that time.
Dyckias are all very instable plants, they show easily or easier then the other plants what they have in their sleeves for future plans. All plants, all creatures have some secrets some well kept secrets to be revealed when Nature demands a special moving, a new adaptation. Those hidden cards turn the species able for coping with a constantly changing environment. Our idea of time is restricted and also our ideas in general.
Also my dear Doctor I have dreams not Academisms.
I follow dreams not rules. I am not looking for a Code to hang findings on it... but a rainbow to chase stars. A reason for living is much a better reason than any my dear Master.

Hummmm......was the Doctor and Master´s answer.

I do believe if those words are not enough, the pictures here are enough to make myself understood. But, but if nothing of this makes one open a mind sorry but I mind myself. It is not time to be stubborn.

So I select... yes I do. Everybody does. Living is a continuous array of decisions. Selection is in our daily living. Just the fool doesn´t select, doesn´t decide, have no mind.
Selection is more that a scholar tesis, more than Darwin´s thoughts. Selection is the basis of the living intelligent creatures and we are not the only ones.

...but bach to Dyckias! These here are true live jewelry. Small living jewels.
What grandma would not be proud of having those in herr most prestigious sunny windowsill? I knew one that would "kill" for one for sure. She would even give one of her front they were fake anyway.....

Dare, dare to dream and be happy then life is worth while...
Thanks for following this blog, thank for saying hello I am here.
Thanks for teaching me ´cause I am always learning. Thanks.

Constantino Gastaldi

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