Aug 19, 2009

New Dyckia hebdingii affinis, from Rio grande do Sul

Dyckia sp from The Gaucho Dyckia Triangle Complex

Once it was believed this plant was a special Dyckia hebdingii.
Unbelievably beautiful this plant is larger, more colorful, longer leaved,
than the hebdingii. It for sure is somehow related to it but is is a brand new
discover from the Gaucho Dyckia Triangle in Rio Grande do Sul.
Below we see two of its seedlings. They also present noticeable differences from Dyckia hebding seedlings.
This is a GORGEOUS plant, no doubt.
Its home in wilderness is absolutely restrict and endangered.
The plant is so close to the unpaved dusty road all the plants are covered by a thick coat of
dust. Big trucks carrying coal from the nearby mines make the ground to tremble and
we are not able to see a meter away from our noses during dry sunny days.
I think this population won´t survive and the moment the road is paved it will be enlarged and the plants will be lost.
I know no other population of this plant.
Its flowers are also smaller than those of Dyckia Hebdingii and the flower stalk is much smaller too.

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