Jun 15, 2012

Campo Alegre - Santa Catarina - Brazil

Campo Alegre is just 46 km away from my home in Joinville (700.000 people).
Campo Alegre (12.000 people,  just 6.000 people live downtown) is a very small and super charming town .Raquel,  loves to visit this shop over there.


These two pictures are very informative.
Notice the rock, compare the clumped Dyckia and Raquel, a tall German Woman. 

Soil here is not even 2 inches deep!
Food comes from the plants above and the water brings it 
Four days with no rain and you can see water here.


Raquel loves animals and she loves me too.
This female dog lives close by and it is the land owner pet. 
I just wait these pictures are helping you to understand Dyckias, a bit more .
I also hope you are having a good time seeing all these brand new field made pictures.
It was very, very nice and joyful to make them.


I would never dare to use one of these and those ropes young guys do here...
These are for the mountain climbers.


Lady is saying; do not get closer....an abism ahead. 
Look there are Dyckias on those walls!
Notice all the mosses and lichens on the rock.

Campo Alegre is down there..


Notice the rock full of humidity and mosses and lichens.

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