Jun 17, 2012

So many information in a picture.
This Dyckia is a Southern native one and a mountains dweller.
This means the plant is used to occasional frosts from late Autumn to early Spring.
The grass that provided shelter from the scorching Sun during Summer time is now dead by the first Autumn frosts. So during the Winter when the days are shorter and the Sun is weaker the plant is  in the open to get all the blair of the Sun and the most neede light. Nature created a balance on which living beings trust for surviving.
The moss carpet  holds the much needed moisture and humidity and here in the below right corner  one can see a tiny water pond left by the last rain.
The plant blooms at full in September but you can see some flower stalks...what for? Nothing is  meaningless in nature....We may not spot the reason for it but it does exist.
Also you can see how hard it is  for a seed to find a proper spot on wich germinate and spread roots.
A seedling in nature is a venture,a rarity. This is why we very hardly find  rubra, variegated forms as these information are within a very few seeds and it is like to win the lottery two times in a roll.
Once in wilderness one must have eyes to see and brains to think we say here...


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