Jun 10, 2012

Absolutely new, brand new from Rio Grande do Sul.
This plant is fatty, blueish and dazzling beautiful. One must seed it to believe.
It grows on rocks on a very hard to reach place. 
Just a few was found  by the Brazilian Botanists.
I visited the place two weed or so ago and the scientists promised me to send two 
plants  to me and they just did. I saw three plants in nature and one must to see them 
to believe they are real.
This is a seedling produced by seeds collected in wilderness and many are now being  planted  in nature. Up to now this happened with Dyckia disthachya and ibiramensis. 
The place where it was found is under a massive South Pole air wave and temperatures there dropped to the amazing -12 Centigrade!!! The plant is used to this temperatures and during Summer Time the temperature there can reach 45 degrees Centigrade!
I was not allowed to take pictures in the wilderness but I just got two plants the gentle guys promised.
One absolutely remarkable point here is the fact the plant passed by an incredible transformation. The leaves initially are thin and narrow and green and black and redish spined, one can still see them here.


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  1. Just a wonderful jewel again. Every day another wonder...
    So much wonder awaits!....