Jun 14, 2012

This is another Ruby Snow x Big Brazil from the same  grex of the prior posting
David Boudreaux contribution.
What a lovely looking plant!
I myself do love hybrids. People may think this is a sin as I live in Dyckias´land but
exactly for this I love hybrids even more.
Hybrids preserve nature from predation on wilderness plants by trade related people.
Hybrids are much more resistant to cultivation conditions.
Hybrids may be splendorous plant.
I do think true species are Botanic Gardens role and duty to keep and keep them well named and identified too.  BG must be not a mere depositary or keeper but a place we all love to go deepen our knowledge.
I love and more than this I adore knowledge as it make us all better beings and help us all to survive.
I think of Botanic Gardens as temples, tickets to future, centers where we build up knowledge.
It makes me cry when I see distorted images, errors, mistakes....but this is the way we walk: looking for Light.

I loved this precious and unique David´s contribution to this Blog and to all of us: this is Light!
David, my dear Cajun friend what about you telling us all  something about this plant here, their parents?
You for sure are  well deep into Dyckia history and make part of it.


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