Jun 3, 2012

 A mountain dweller, for sure.

This is a hybrid I made. It must be isolated and get a pot of its own.
Notice the extra long and thin leaves and also the many leaves here.
This presentation, this shape indicates its parents are plants from from the highs.
Let me explain. Thin and long leafet Dyckias live on top of hills and mountains where wind tends to be stronger than on the prairies or plains.

...also, a mountain dweller tends to form massive clumps. This , under my suspecting, is due to the fact the plant must cope with strong and cold winds.
Observation is  the key for one to understand what is all about....
 A plant like this may form clumps bigger than you and me altogether, so it is a bit too childish to keep  those in a small pot. A single plant has a multitude of crowns and may assume a size to impress any mind.


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