Jun 15, 2012

Dyckias in Campo Alegre, Santa Catarina Brazil

This is a Dyckia habitat.
Notice the vegetation and the rocky base.
Also see water still running on the rock after after four days of no rain.
Today , June 15th, 2012.
Temperature  in a agreeable 14 degrees Centigrade.
Last frost was  less than a week ago when the temperature dropped to -3 Centigrade.

It was midday. ..we, Raquel and me heard the bells from the church bellow from us saying that.
This place is 46 km away from my house in Joinville.


Notice the size of the clumps!
Me and Lady. she lives in Campo Alegre and help us on our wandering. She barks to say: snakes,  mountain jaguar and so on.

Look! This is what  a real adult Dyckia looks like!!!
This is an imposing and  stunning gorgeous Dyckia!!
Have this in mind.
Notice the carpet of moss. It is drenched wet!!!


That  lump rock on the other side of the cascade also  harbours Dyckias on it and it is a different variety.
The leaves are much thinner. Just a variation of the very same species Dyckia sp campesina.

Look straight to this rocky wall...can you spot Dyckias?
 Just skilled mountain climbers can touch those ones.


...and of course. I thought of you. You who visit my Blog, you who loves Dyckias, you who helps me in many ways, you who would like to be here with me. Yes, you were there!!!

If you have any question please feel free to make it:

I shall answer all questions myself.


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