Jun 27, 2012

Dyckia discoides

Of course this is not a valid name for the plant is not yet described.
..and thanks God not ´cause it has been kept under close observation. No hurry, here!
 Native to Santa Catarina Soutwest it was just found  ´cause a big dam was built  there.

It is a new fresh breeze on the sameness, 
new looks, new...novelty in every detail.

Its seeds are seed bird like and the plant shows signals of being close related to another brand new plant and also under the process of description the much bigger one Dyckia magnifica, another true gem.

 You do not need to keep on wishing...I do have seeds and you may have some too.
the more people keep it the biiger are the chances the plant will go on..
Today, in nature, it is under severe protection of a new found wildlife park.
Bellow notice the emiting of a flower stalk.

As you can notice the plant forms a disc like structure and it is nice to see two opposing flat dishes.



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