Jun 4, 2012

Dyckia platyphylla?????

Science described this plant as species from a cultivated plant.
It was never really found in nature and the cultivated plant was in Rio Grande do Sul thousands of kilometer  south to where it was said to live in nature.
This here came from the very same cultivar.
One of its parents plants really comes from up North and may be found in Bahia too (southwest Bahia) and this is Dyckia marnier-lapostollei . The other parent plant is found in Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul and it is Dyckia brevifolia.
See the picture above and notice the spines variation in the plants that appear to the right.
Well, if species, why it is just said Bahia? Bahia alone is a vast territory almost twice Germany size. Where in Bahia?


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