Oct 3, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen this is  
Her  Royal Imperial Majesty

Dyckia reitzii rubra!!!

and I get misty just looking at  her Majesty...and a thousand violins begin to play.
I am too misty and too much in love...

I dedicate this to all my friends around the globe with a Southern Brazilian hug.


The pure silver/white edging on the leaves is something characteristic of the true Reitzii and
Her Royal Imperial Majesty, the Rubra shows it in full richness.
The underleaf surface is rich white and shows off the black spines.
The most splendorous Dyckia of all!!!

A perfect and well fed individual plant is 50cm wide when adult and simply nothing absolutely nothing compares to it!! This is the most spectacular Dyckia of all without any doubt and also one of the rarest.Dyckia reitzii can be seen in some mountain tops in the South region in Brazil but the white/silver fringed one is found only in the Santa Catarina-Rio Grande do Sul border and way up on the highest points of the highest mountains. This Royal Imperial Highness is found only in an area no larger than a volleyball court.

Look, look here.
Most probably this is the very first time your eyes see a close up of a true one Dyckia reitzii rubra.
I´ve seen many many many Dyckias in the field and under cultivation including some of the most desired fancy and famous hybrids but no one gets close to this plant.
and... I  am still to show it  you in its full splendour.


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