Oct 2, 2012

This impressive huge Dyckia  was by the road side close the the southern most point in
 Santa Catarina some 1.200 meters high. It is a unknown one and bears black spines and blooms beautifully in thousands of tiny yellow flowers. See the already dried  and mostly empty seed pods. I got just a very few seeds in spite the hugeness of the flower stalk. We got there too late to get seeds by the many.

Also, we found just one plant!!!
There was no other to be seen around....


Here my friends Djeines and Mileide for you to compare sizes.
Imagine this plant in a rock garden. It is a Dyckia and will never die by blooming and its bloom is something to remember, something like a huge yellow foam.


See the many thousands seed pods, most of them already opened and empty.


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