Oct 19, 2012

Mister and Senhor Nels Christianson

Nels is an American plant lover, a Californian. He has lived and lives in Los Angeles area and believe me he is so in love to Brazil he speaks Portuguese and fine or even better than I do.
Here he is in my house ... and in my heart too.
This posting here is to show and say to Steve, Steven, Phyllys, Mary, Sharon, David, Frank I love them
and I want them all here...I want all my friends here.
Yes, you...yes you!!! You! YOU!!!
I want you here.
My friends in German, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France, South Africa, all over USA...all over the world....this is  to entice you and to make you know you are welcome.
Brazil is just a dream away and my heart you already have...
I love you all!!! 

Above the house I lived and bellow Dyckia brevilofia home.
Both are close together  and this explains my love for Dyckias.
We´ve lived together...

This is Itajaí-açu river
Dyckia brevifolia lives here as a reophitic Dyckia.


Nels, Raulinoa, Dyckia


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