Oct 28, 2012

So beautiful it aches in the eyes!
A gift from my howdy friend!
A respectable man, a man of honor, a man of word, a friend of mine.
I love all my friends for they all allow me to make myself a better human being.
Howdy, my friends in Texas, Howdy!
..as for this plant..oh..this is a gorgeous one, a splendid one, a spectacular one....and believe me just one amid many, many, many....
I guarantee I must own the most comprehensive Bill Baker Dyckia collection outside USA.
..and guess what? All and every one are gifts my friends gave to me.
I am proud of my friends, proud of you...
I am doing my best to show you some of the Dyckias secrets...the keep many....
We are just crawling into their secrets.
If I was a young man I would be a botanist and also continuing being a dreamer.

You, you far away from me, you who sleeps when I awake, you who speaks languages 
I can not even imitate, you who  loves Dyckias and their beauty: Thank you!
I love you!!!
No matter where you are, count on me! 
Count on me! I am here to help!


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