Oct 22, 2012

Dyckia hb Coração Sangrando (bleeding Heart)

Coração Sangrando is a young  plant and a hybrid I made.
Dyckia hb Spider Witch ( chorestaminea X dawsonii) X  Dyckia speciosa from Campo Alegre

This plant is one amid some many many plants from the very same batch.
It was solely green and all of a sudden it got some reddish in the meddle of the crown and this red took over the entire crown and then it became dark, dark,dark close to black and...
...and when it was my proud a bug laid eggs in the eye of the crown and the larvae ate the heart of my bleeding heart and mine too. I cried!
I did all I could do. I removed the bug, isolated the plant but I thought the plant would never recover.
This was five months ago. The plant recovered!!! ...and more than that, gave me nine new ones.
Miracles can happen.
the plant is fit and setting new leaves.....
It is a gorgeous one....

Today I moved it to its throne..a pot made by Nels Christianson and brought to my hands by him himself. I am happy again.

The damage was so deep into the heart of the plant I was sure I had lost it forever...
I was wrong! 

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  1. What a beauty! So glad you saved it!!!....The Phoenix arises from the ashes~