Oct 4, 2012

Dyckia hebdingii is in fact a large and rich Dyckia complex...

Hebdingii, a gracious Dyckia Complex

Dyckia hebdingii type the described form is just one  amid many many members of a rich dyckia complex.
This Dyckia complex is under studied and well unknown even by botanist who agree and disagree in a non ending futile battle. Fact is this gracious little Dyckia needs a deep and ample study.
Different forms are fond living together in as promiscuous way  and this turns things even more hard to be cleared and represents a true challenge to any skilled mind.
Here you can see the several looks in a very same place and Hebdingii occurs in several spots separated by just a few kilometers around all the area.
We know of some more Dyckia complexes being one in Minas Gerais, Two in Rio Grande do Sul and one in Santa Catarina. The ones I do know are:
- Dyckia sp from Campo Alegre region in Northeastern Santa Catarina uphills Complex.
- Dyckia hebdingii Complex in Rio Grande do Sul.
- Dyckia delicata Complex also in Rio Grande do Sul  
Identifying the members of these Complexes is a challenge to a courageous intrepid heroes and not a simple mind. So, to state this is this and this is that when we see plants in a collection is a job that drives anyone to dangerous muddy grounds. The best we can do is to say just this plant belongs to such or such Dyckia Complex. 



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