Oct 2, 2012

I just got it...from a friend in USA...what a friend! Howdy!!!!!

What a day!
A day to remember... to celebrate!
A gift from Heavens we say here in Brazil. 
From USA with care.
How old am I? 
They say I was born in 1954 but I am just eight years old.
I am so happy, so proud so....
That´s what friends are for...friends are like  a dive in fresh water in a hot Summer day,
a breeze that calms down our fears and dries our tears.
A friend is a dream holder.
A friend is a, endless hug, a safe harbor.... a line with a big fish jumping out of the water.

Howdy! Howdy, my friend, my gringo friend my cowboy one...
I am happy!
May God bless you and make you feel as I am now.
This Brazilian guy is swollen in happiness....
Thank you!


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