Oct 21, 2012

From the Dyckia field ...this is what you see from up there...

This is what you can devise from the Dyckia field in Campo Alegre, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Half a hour drive from my house and going up all the time.
This is 1000 meters high.
See the Brazilian pine tree forest.
Now we can not cut them. This is one of the most beautiful pine trees I´ve seen.
In the winter we have hard frosts here and the temperature can easily drop below zero Centigrade.
This is Springtime.

Oat fields.
Oat is fed the confined cattle also raised in this area.

Look and notice these plants are different looking.
I mean those on the upper picture and those in the  below one.
Yes, both unnamed. Yes, both with no scientific registration.
Dyckias are rare no matter where now imagine  three, four, five different looks in a very same place.
This is a Dyckia complex, a place where one can find different looking plants that descent from one very same plant and long lost. We can not devise the pioneer one ....
These Dyckia complexes are tremendously rare  and we have this one in Campo Alegre whose plants seem to have descent or evaluated from  Dyckia tuberosa and we also have the Dyckia hebdingii one in Rio Grande do Sul, the delicata and one more in Minas Gerais.
People usually get mad about some seed or seedling they have and got into young adults and they do not  look exactly as some they have in mind. People do not realize they can have a treasure no one else has.
Plants and seeds and seedling from these plants may assume many looks, all similar and all somewhat different. These plants are all very instable in terms of genetics.
Dyckia hebdingii, Dyckia delicata, Dyckia sp from Campo Alegre, These plants are not stable when one refers to looks.



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