May 16, 2009

Hybrids are great plants

Yes, hybrids are great plants ... they also come with a plus:
They help to preserve the natural true species plants in their habitat.
Hybrids adapt themselves promptly to any cultivation. Species may take years to show
any interest in not perishing.

Adding to that hybrids may be tremendously more beautiful than species.
They are easy to keep easy to find and they also produce their own hybrids.
If the one who wanders all the remote areas looking for new species does not ever find the new one and many times the one the guy finds is in so terrible conditions the plant is barely noticeable as one Dyckia left alone a Dream one.

One has to be brave to go into the bushes right in the middle of nowhere. Some areas are so remote and isolated if somethng happens, a fall from a cliff, for instance, just the vulture will find you and even so after rotting had begun.
Distance as that between Paris and Lisbon are common tracking routes. Roads? What is this?
Mosquitos kill you here, here or after going back home.
One must be well informed, well equiped and outrageously brave to go on chasing the wilderness.
Here wilderness is not a field with tender and soft green grass with puppies and daizies...and little robin redbreasts singing in a blue bushy pine, oh no! No way!
Wonderful plants!!!

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  1. Perhaps that red plant above, so glowing and glossy crossed to get wide leaves that are more symetric... Dreaming? or whas someone already done it?