May 27, 2009

Dyckia flower spike we are flowing...

We are following the deveopment of this Dyckia flower spike since the very beginning in this blog.
Her we not the extravaganza in terms of flower bract. The stem and also sepals are suede.
This is an effect quite common in some High altitude Dyckia species. This seem to protect the fragile flowers from the strong cold winds. The huge sepals seem added help to this too.
Also when it s cold even during the day, the flowers are attached closer to one another in the flower stem.
Yes, up the mountains specially here in the South the cold is severe and freezing cold during winter nights.
Dyckias adore heat during the day and cold nights. They do not appreciate continuously warm year around.
Dyckia Reitzi one of the most beautiful Southern species gets strange when cultivated years and years under scorching sun and no cold nights.

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