May 26, 2009

Dyckia sp Northeastern Santa Catarina

This is absolutely new. New to science and to the world.

Native to a single spot in Northeastern Santa Catarina.

I thought when I spotted it in a reasonable distance it would be a Tillandsia.
As there is none rock dweller Tillandsia in this area....

It is a very beautiful new and brand new Dyckia species.
Blooms in deep orange /red big flowers.


  1. Looks to be a fun one to cross with something very whitebacked, or very red....

  2. When crossing Dyckias things are not that simple, unhappily not. Dyckias are full of surprises. Rare are those true species whose seeds generate are an army of the very same individuals. Dyckias are a kind of leftover from the past and their genetic code are trying all its best to adapt to this new cruel world. They just hate shadows they just can not cope with shadows and even so we found in rio Grande do Sul one strain one a variety of certain species that thrives in a somewhat shadowed enviroment. If we cross the species we most probably may have a myriad of individuals with strange looks and from them all we could if very lucky to pick one with the desired looks but.... one Dyckia will show its true real face just around blooming age and this may take years...