May 29, 2009

Dyckia minarun - Minas Gerais

Dyckia minarum
Yes! True species!

These were wild collected.
They revealed to be so stubborn in order to answer my cares and prayers
I do believe if I had taken two seeds the seedlings should be
bigger than these plants here.

It took exactly three eras, two ice ages, two whole years,
some months, a few more weeks, and half a day plus two hours and some minutes more to get where and how they are here.
This must be the most stubborn plant on the face of Earth.
I used to say to a botanist friend of mine this plant was a waste of time, a true shame for the entire Dyckia population. The plant produced mostly unwillingly just six ugly leaves and then went into vacation maybe up North. It was not a half sleep, no. It was a half death.
I was about to do the same as my eccentric artist friend uses to do when facing this sort of situation: take the suborn plant no matter how rare and precious it might be and just shot it on the roof without piety nor regret. Just leave it there, the way it falls and forget do not eve look back.
Then one day he climbs up the roof to make some repairs and what he finds: A luxuriant forest with the most expensive and rare plants.
By a rat´s bristle this plant failed to live on my roof...
I think the dam plant read my thoughts, the innermost ones.
...and took matters own its own hands and turned into these beautiful Dyckias.

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