Nov 3, 2009

Dyckia Brasília

Brasília is the name of our Federal Capital.
It was planned right from the very beginning, 1961.
Brasília lies in Brazil Central highlands.

Brasília was my beloved sister.
She brought me up, kissed me many thousand times,
told me she loved me many folds more that.
She sang for me, fed me, taught me how to dream, made believe I was handsome and a sheer genius.
She danced with me and taught me how to eat close mouthed.
She told me all the histories I wanted to listen and did it uncountable times.
She took me in her arms more than any body else did and I used to get to sleep in there.
She read all the books and present me Mowgli The monkey Boy. She told me of Zorro and his Indian friend Tonto. I fell down my plane with Exupery and The little Prince.
She made me all the necessary drawings with all the boxes with lateral holes my imagination needed. All dreams were there, all the perfect sheeps were there.
She was the best sister one can have.
I miss her and we missed her to a diabolic cancer Science still fails to solve.
This is for you Brasília, wherever you may be:
Dyckia Brasília, one Dyckia hybrid of my own.

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