Nov 8, 2009

The world largest Dyckia species presentation at show in Joinville Brazil

We are working on what is meant to be the largest
Dyckia show in the entire world. Nearly five hundred
Dyckia entriesand more than 300 different Dyckia species and hybrids.
The idea is st a Dyckia like habitat or as close to the local they thrice in nature as possible
We are dealing with 12 tons single single rocks. Tons of sand, peeble and rocks.
One of the biggest closed and temperature controlled indoors is get set for the oldestFlorwer Fest in all Latin America.
Joiville is a reference for some famous orchids as Laelia purpurata and Catleyas species.
The exposition will be open Nov. 17th.
Why don´t you come?
If you speak Just German you will feel home here as Santa Catarina is German ouside German.
Santa Catarina is blond and speaks German.
We all would be glad and you can see The most gorgeous Brazilian plants, find friend, dance and eat. Joinville will celebrate 180 years of German Imigration.
We just love our imigrant people. We have monuments celebrating this everywhere we go.
We dance German dance, we sing German songs, We eat German food.
We all dance the Samba.
German were heroes here they did our best.
Here there is no segregation as we live proud of each other, we dance and celebrate life together.
Santa Catarina has the biggest October Fest outside München.
Here we say:
Unsere Deutschen sind die besten der ganz Welt.
Our German are the best of the whole world!

Myslef? I am a Italian descent as my father was Italian born in the
Stradivarius violin Town of Cremona in Italy

Come to Santa Catarina you will feel as home as ever no matter where you are from.
Be welcome.

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