Nov 5, 2009

Do you know of anyone who succeeded getting viable seeds on a flower stalk of such a plant?

There seems to exist a cloud hanging over here, a huge dark one.
Do you know this plant?
Do you keep it? How many seeds did you produced on it?
None? Do you know of anybody else who accomplished this task?
Yeah, just one single fertile seed would be enough?
Ah, you think the plant needs another plant to be fertile. The plant is not self fertile, isn´t it?
Hummm, almost there, almost there but not totally there...
Yes, the plant is really self infertile, true!
True but not all the truth.
Well, let us get back to the point here:
Do you or anybody else on the planet produced viable seeds attached
to flower stalk produced by a fan Dyckia?

Pure or hybrid it counts the same way.
I would like to know, please let me know it.

This plant is undoubtedly beautiful.
Hybridizers all around the world tried hardly to get seeds here.
They were dreaming of a silver fan Dyckias or a rubra fan Dyckia.
Have you seen one?
Have you seem young fan Dyckia seedlings?
The plant is infertile. What ever triggered the fan form also dismantled
the reproductive capacity of this plant.
No matter which plant you use to fertilize its flowers it will
result in no seed at all.

Now a simple question:
How come one sterile being exist in wilderness?
How can it even be a species?
How come?

Humm..there is a secret here, one held in seven locks.
Cloudy, cloudy from here ahead....

I ask myself why those fan Dyckia owners never tried any other Dyckia species pollen?
Why they kept on insisting the plant was self infertile an even when they got two or more plants they continue saying the plants were clones of a very same plant?
One plant in Brazil another in Germany and other in Asia and nothing, but people continue to insist. What credule believers!

There was an old master, a priest in fact. He graduated in Sorbonne, France.
He was absolutely different than any other master of mine. Intriguing, provocative with an insuperable mind. He used to say:
Do not ever agree just that easy to anything, no matter who is stating!
Do not accept anything as true without thinking about it.
Always ask yourself why not exactly the opposite?
Don´t swallow without testing, sniff the parcel before gulping it down.
Keep in mind you have to come to your very own conclusions.
There is no final truth, at least you will never know cause you
won´t ever be at the end of any line.

The horizons are all yours and you keep them where you like them to be.
It is all and ever up to you..up to you alone!

I loved my unforgettable master, the best of all.
The Catholic Father Pedro Lima Neto.

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