Nov 16, 2009

Dyckia seeds

Dyckia seeds differ form species to species.
They may be minute as those of Dyckia delicata and relatively big as those of
Dyckia sp from Apiacás. The size of the plant is not related to the size of its seeds.
Some of the biggest Dyckia species have the smallest seeds.
The big one seen below are from a very small Dyckia species.
Most Dyckia species are mountain dwellers. There is no known seed carrier agent
at least modern creatures. Some scientist state Dyckia were spread with the help of a long ago extincted animal as the Eremotherium laurilaridi or the giant preguiça.
But this is just conjectures.
Dyckias existed so long ago the mountains were not formed yet. Dyckias did not climb or climbed any mountain nor carried up the hills. It all seems the mountains were all formed carrying Dyckias up with them.
All in all Dyckias are living fossils and extremely important for the understanding of
our Natural History as they carry information absolutely crucial to scientists
who search flora fossils and the formation of our environment.

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