Nov 15, 2009

Dyckia catharinensis

Science classified and named this plant long, long ago as
Dyckia catharinensis.
Then many years from that Science decided this to be Dyckia encholirioides.
But in fact this is a Dyckia encholirioides variety.
Dyckia encholirioides catharinensis
This plant thrives in the Southern part of a Big sea Island
in Santa Catarina Coast.
The city of Florianópolis the capital of Santa Catarina State
lies on this island named Ilha de Santa Catarina.

This variety is much smaller than the true Dyckia encholirioides.
The spines are larger and it may come covered by a light silver coat.
This is a very beautiful plant and I´ve seen it named
just as Dyckia encholirioides and this a a big mistake as
Dyckia encholirioides reaches a size of two and a half meters in diameter
with leaves 12 cm wide! This plants never reaches half of that!

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