Nov 5, 2009

Dyckia choristaminea var. Morro do Carvão

Dyckia choristaminea - Morro do Carvão - RS

This is one of the smallest Dyckia species and also one of the most
difficult to adapt to cultivation.
This is a plant I do recommend seeds instead of an adult plant or even a seedling.

Dyckia choristaminea has some varieties and this is one of them.
The choristaminea habitat is spread in and around the Metropolitan area of Porto Alegre.
It gets a bit different in at any population and this little jewel comes fro the Northernmost
reach of its habitat.
Somehow this plant appeared in United Sates under the name of Dyckia elisabethae.
Dyckia elisabethae is a big species native to Arroio dos Ratos and this baby here is so small it fits
into a child´s hand.
This dwarf Dyckia here may come in silver, red and sole green forms and all the hues in between.

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