Nov 21, 2009

Dyckia Picante

A beautiful American Dyckia hybrid.
This plant suffers from the intense scorching tropical Sun.
Somehow within this plant was missed and it can not cope with the severe
sunshine of tropics. This is absolutely rare among Dyckias as they all enjoy
the Sun exposure to the most.
Fiercely January Sun shining may produce damage to this plant here in Brazil.
Also we must have in mind some years and some seasons the Sun is much more
sever than others. It is all about Solar tempests. During some severe Solar tempests even
some used to exposure to Sun Plants may be affected and present burning spots.
Meanwhile Dyckias do not like anything between them and their lover the Sun.Dyckias love to see the stars on a starry night.
Dyckias benefits from a cover in areas where hail is a common place as hails
damages all Dyckias. Sever hail may destroy a Dyckia up to point of no normal recovery.
Also some intense scale covered plants may be keep away from the rain as rain removes the scales. Some Dyckias when bald have no happy looks.

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