Nov 30, 2009

This extremely fine and rare hybrid Dyckia...

Finally the mystery is solved!
This plant is claimed to be Dyckia goehringii abroad.
This is a solved question now.
This is a fine primary hybrid Dyckia.
Mother plant is a Dyckia goehringii and the pollen donor is a Dyckia pectinata.
This is a accidental primary Dyckia hybrid and maybe one of the most
beautiful ones but securely one that has the finest and rarest parentage for sure.
Its spines are soft rubbery as those of its father Dyckia pectinata.
This occurred by accident among a famous Brazilian Dyckia expert
private collection.
F2 seedlings are less attractive.
Unregistered hybrid this well would be Dyckia WouldBe.

It happened for several reasons and the main one is : Dyckia goehringii is not a self
fertile plant. It needs the pollen of another Dyckia plant to produce seeds.
This other Dyckias may be the nearest one and the nearest one in bloom may not be the very same species when this is a collection and not the wilderness.

Dyckia WouldBe!
It would be if it wouldn´t the pectinata one......

Here you can see it cloning.
Cloning is the only secure way to produce new very same looking plants
from a primary Dyckia hybrid.
This is the main reason a fine primary Dyckia hybrid be always rare.

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