Nov 20, 2009

Dyckia sp Albertina - Rio do Sul - Santa Catarina

This is an ultra rare plant and will ever be dear to me as
I was born in Rio do Sul myself!
This is a rock dweller Dyckia that most probably has a rubra for and a silver one as well.
the spines are conspicuous and well arranged on the plant.
Flowers are deep orange, big and they open wide and self pollinated.
Albertina is a rural area in Rio do Sul in the center of Santa Catarina.
There lives an old friend of mine since 1962.
Lídia Jurk and Italian woman who left Europe in the last breath of the horrendous
Second World War.
Her father was an Italian film maker. They lived in Turin up North Italy.
Her only brother was hanged before her downtown Turin by the Mussolini soldier after being
betrayed by his fellow deep within the alpine forests after years of fighting as a partisan against the Evil.
Lidia and me we released the ashes of this Italian hero and brother here in the ocean.
I was just a kid and I will never forget her words to his brothers:
" Go, go my brother, teach the world how to be an hero but do not forget to teach them all how to forgive. God bless you!"
This plant was found by Lídia, still alive and living here in a rural area.
The proposed name is Dyckia lidiae.

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