Nov 25, 2011

A mystery just solved and a nice revealing...

Dyckia sp from Lagoão X Dyckia delicata type form

I just found a tag burried inside the  substrate as I was transplanting this beauty.
I was always pretty sure this was a Dyckia sp from Lagoão-RS.
I visited the place some years ago and collect a very small plant and some seeds.
Also a couple of days later I visited Dr. Jones Caldas in Porto Alegre.
Dr. Jones is a fine gentleman and a very famous bromeliad lover, connoisseur and collector.
Dyckia jonesiana was named after him and he had being in the fields decades ago with
Raulino Reitz among other bromeliad lovers. Once there Dr. Jones gave to me all the seeds present in two flower stalks that were absolutely ripe and ready to be harvested as seeds were flying out the seed pods. Those seeds were from a Dyckia delicata and a Dyckia sp Lagoão. The two plants were isolated and bloomed at the very same time. In nature both plants are not far from one another but they do not meet. Both plants were brought during the very same trip by someone else and given to Dr. Jones. This plant is a hybrid and resulted from those seeds: Dyckia delicata X Dyckia sp Lagoão.  I also have Dyckia sp Lagoão X Dyckia delicata and I also thought it was a fancy Lagoão from the seeds I collected myself in Lagoão.
Simply these are the oldest now  delicata and lagoão hybrids.

So it is more than fair to name this hybrid:
Dyckia hb Dr. Jones Caldas

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