Nov 28, 2011

Dyckia hb Tarzana by Bill Baker

Dyckia hb Tarzana is a Bill Baker´s beauty....

Tarzana is  a Los Angeles District and it is surrounded by Reseda to the North,
Woodland Hills to the West, Encino to the East and Santa Monica Mountains to the South.

This small plant is a heroin since its very tender childhood as it stayed with some other beauties,
for 63 days, without  seeing the light, inside a cartoon box during its epic journey all the way from Bella Vista  in Arkansas to Joinville, Santa Catarina in  Brazil.
..and as it wasn´t enough the plant  set roots  in Brazil during the winter. this turned things much harder to it but my preferred heroin is finally making beautiful and its new Brazilian leaves are  beginning to show its real beauty.
The handwriting is Paul´s.

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