Nov 19, 2011

Dyckia goehringii, the real thing!

Dyckia goehringii

The real Dyckia goehringii does not makes that twig like structure we suddenly see all around...
That is a hybrid!
Goehringii hybrids in 99,99% make that Coco Channel twig like structure....

A plant in a botanic garden is a plant in a botanic garden.
Dyckias were hidden by their discoveres by many reasons:
They thought  Dyckias would cause a raid to our wilderness as orchids did and then our cacti.
They never did, the scientists and the Dyckias...

Type localities were, as a common fact, were distorted intentionally and this was so well and normally done some plants got lost forever as Dyckia dawsonii. One can never find in it a fake too?
Dyckia platyphylla is a fake! A genuine hybrid!
You make a platyphylla by using a brevifolia and a marnier -lapostollei.

Botany did not counted on Internet, indeed.
Sinningia richii native to Espírito Santo here in Brazil is said to dwell beautifully in Mexico.
My mother always reminded me : paper accepts anything!!!
Humans!It is all human! We are no gods!
We are learners!

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