Nov 28, 2011

Dyckia hb Tarzana fellows in that epic journey.....

Dyckia hb Star Gazer stayed for 63 nights without looking the stars

This is a Dyckia marnier-lapostollei and  Dyckia hb Track Marks hybrid
Every living plant that get to my garden is a true miracle performed by friends outside my country.
More than any plant I care for them and their friendship.
We are also travelling, we are also  travel company fellows.
Not any travel but the one only we can perform.
Sometimes this travelling is so bumpy we nee a hand to hold, sometimes we travel  during the night and we need The Light you hold. Many times we get stuck and we need your friendship to move ahead.
We are all travellers and some of us  spent  years inside a box without seeing the Light, we need your whispering wise voice that tell us it is going to be fine.
We are all travellers  and as said Khalil  Gibran ( 18...-1931), the Lebanese Arabian thinker and philosopher, "we are just like arrows and we fly to God".
I need my friends to point out the direction as many times I am blind , tired, afraid and fearful, weak, hopeless, sick...
Sometimes I am travelling inside a box and I need a friend for this box to be delivered...a friend to make me see the Light...I wanna be a star gazer myself...we all deserve to see the stars...have you seen them lately?
Do not waste the next stairy´ll feel are not alone...

Below we see another  fellow  Dyckia hb Silver Queen  X  Dyckia hb Cherry Coke

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