Nov 30, 2011

Are you tired of the very same old classic look?

Here a bunch of brand new looks.
Hybrids I made my own
I have  seeds!
Seeds tha will allow you to raise your own exclusive beauties...

...beauties no human eyes has ever seen.
Beauties so brand new and unique you can name them yourself...

Take a good look at these two here.
Have you seen any before?
Even the sole green ones are tremendously beautiful ...
What can you compare with?

Now you can try your very own unique plant...
a only one...

New brand new and impossible to match ones.

Look below...what a sight!
...pretty small beauty like three  vertical opposing dishes...

Color like these are present in your collection?
Have you seen them on a plant, not a flower?

Do you want them even better looking?
It is more than possible! 
You can have them even better looking and much better...

New looks?
Look below... endless array of new beauties...

I am here offering even more than this..even better looking ones

I am offering  new looking beauties. So new no one has ever seen....
What enabled me to make this?
Lots of different and brand new species, new found ones and many never found..
Thirty years of dedication not three weeks!
I never sold a seed before, never!
Now I am offering this possibility of the brand new to you!

What moved me to selling?
I tried many, many ways not to sell, I´ve given seeds and plants to many many people and some I never ever heard about.
But I need what you need!
I must feed, dress, I like what you like...I am no God and no fool.
What about a brand new camera, a telephone I can operate anywhere and see your 
face while I talk to you?
A car , a new one ..mine was made in France in 1994! It is about time to retire it!
What about  LED TV set? Do you like it? Me too!
Have you ever went to California, Paris...?
I wanna see the Louvre, Prada.
I wanna visit Huntington Garden...
I am almost as you...

So I have seeds that can lead you to beauties like those here and ever much better ones.
contact me at:
Seeds are the best wrapping, the best way to travel and in a couple of summers you will have something to take your breath away..
...and beyond all this the pleasure of raising your own beauties yourself....

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