Nov 27, 2011

Dyckia hb Mundo, made entirely by myself...the first hybrid I made...

Dyckia hb Mundo
No, nothing of Dyckia platyphylla..this is not a platyphylla rubra!!!
Scientists are not Gods, unless they are just like the old Greek Gods 
with all the human virtues and sins.

This is Dyckia brevifolia X Dyckia marnier-lapostollei, and not Platyphylla as Platyphylla never existed as species anywhere. The described plant as  platyphylla most probably was found under cultivation around Porto Alegre...long ago.....
Science did no count on Internet and the instantaneous information.
Data and pictures and videos and so on and on are instantaneously seen and shared around the world.
At that time just books, some graceless periodics and nothing else but rudimentary drawings and field paintings were  on the science hands. many describers never left Europe nor set a foot in Brazil and when they did they spoke just they languages and took us as aborigine people.
Tropics were just like a huge free shop ready for the taking...
They only had to face their own  fantasies and the mosquitoes.
It was far too common for a guy and his team (most totally maintained by famous European "Botanic Gardens") destroy  every plant they met of a certain species to avoid any other rival to find them. 
This occurred  to orchids and also to some Dyckias as people thought Dyckias would cause a furor in Europe and America as did orchids and cacti.
All in all we are all human beings as there are no saints and no gods...

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