Jun 30, 2013

Dyckia magnifica blooms

Dyckia magnifica

Dyckia magnifica blooms by night

Those who use my pictures without my permission are thieves and can take more than pictures if the opportunity is given.
If you want to use my pictures ask for my permission and mention my name every time you use it, no matter where.

Flowers by night!
..and guess what?
This plant flowers are pollinated by bats and mops.

...and talking about night:
The worst night, the darkest of all is the one that lies inside a jealous and petty small mind.
Knowing and knowledge clear this darkness and are the Sun that rises upon those who dares to make it and go far...where nobody dares to go.
This is a solitary land, a place for few.
(We are all stranger in paradise!)

Those who do not respect the knowing just wanders in the dark and bark to hell!


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