Jun 9, 2013

Dyckia delicata var. aurea the golden delicata form or "the dourada".

A precious rare living gem to celebrate 200.000 visits to this Blog.
Thank you.
I am a learner rather than a teacher.
My mind is a curious one and it wander through wonders just like this one
and makes me wonder about you so far away from me.
My English is so migger but I can say: I love you and mean it!
My embrace my Brazilian embrace to you...I hold you tight!
You, you, you, you everywhere in this world.
My living is an enjoyable one thank to you.

One day, one day we shall meet, meet here in Brazil.
We shall visit many Dyckias in many places.
What do you think?
Le us all plan it.
A Dyckia meeting in Dyckia land....

Centimeters and inches.



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