Jun 25, 2013

What a beauty!

Yes, species and not a described one.
It is native to Southwest in Santa Catarina, Brazil.
It is found only on one a steep slope of a mountain.
It is close related to another not yet described beauty Dyckia magnifica.
This is a much colorful plant and a smaller than magnifica.
They share the very same habits.
 they divide their crowns and this way They are always found perpendiculary to the soil.
This habit denotes a Dyckia that lives in a humid area and this is the way it copes with the extra water it gets.
This behaviour is found in Dyckia delicata, Dyckia magnifica and also here .
This particular plant here was suffering and I had to medicate it and soon it will show its full glory.
This is an adult plant and a blooming one.
The color is true year around! 
What about Dyckia mirabilis?



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  1. Yes indeed a beauty! I was away for vacation and now have some nice pictures to catch up on....