Jun 27, 2013

Magnifica related, Dyckia discoides is also native to Southwest Santa Catarina.
Notice it belongs to the group of the multi or poly leafed ones.
These Dyckias are all native to south in Santa Catarina and the half North part of Rio Grande do Sul.
They all need some cold in winter or some winter cold to well prosper.

Delicatas are member of this group.
In my opinion nothing compares to them

Isn´t it glorious?

A bit of clearing:
Dyckia discoides, Dyckia magnifica are not any official names.
These are names I proposed!!!
Magnifica and discoides are different plants in spite of being related.
They come from close to one another in nature.
Both are found here in my State (Santa Catarina) and in the very same region.
Both belong to the group of Dyckias known as the most ancient of all Dyckias.
They bear many many leaves, they bear many many tiny yellow flowers .
Magnifica is larger than discoides, magnifica changes deeply its appearance from young to adulthood.
Dyckia hb Liz Taylor is a hybrid I made and spread around the world.
I kept seed from the very same cross in refrigerator so those who got those seeds got the plant.
Liz Taylor has not bloomed yet. It is still to show its flowers!!!!
Dyckia hb liz Taylor may be rubra but not all of them are rubra.
They are larger, much larger than any delicata.
Soft spined Dyckias species are delicatas (hence the name) and pectinata (like a comb).
Magnifica and discoisdes are not soft spined plants!
Dyckia hb Liz Taylor bears soft spines inherited from delicata.


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